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The stickman is one of the most popular characters that you will find in online flash games. They appear in almost every single game genre imaginable. We have searched the internet to bring you a collection of the best stickman games on the net.
Please stay a while and enjoy the games that you find on this site.


The Flood Runner 2
Run from an incoming flood while collecting gems to increase your score.
Stick Brix
This is an interesting spin on breakout.. I think I'm having a seizure...
Hold the Line
In this defense stickman game you must protect your barracade from the invaders.
Effing Worm
You are a worm. You are hungry. Eat stickman and destroy your attackers to grow in size and evolve.
Stick RPG
If you can get past the graphics, this stickman RPG will provide some very rewarding gameplay.
Stick Bang
You are a giant who throws stickmen at another giant to defeat him.
Stickman Sez
Play simon says in this fun ragdoll stickman game.
Upgrade Complete
Not only do you have to upgrade your ship, you have to upgrade the game as well.
Epic Combo
Strategically place traps on the screen to earn as many combos as possible.
Use your mouse to create a path for the skier to slide down in this free stickman game.
Hapland 3
This is an adventure clicking game. Try to figure out what needs to happen to win.
Fancy Pants Adventure World 2
An amazing stickman adventure game. There are a ton of things to do and places to explore.
Run or Die
You are on a tread mill running for your life. Avoid all the obstacles if you want to live.
Stick War
Create units who mine for gold or attack your enemy. This is a great stickman RTS game.
WPN Fire
A fast past stickman shoot 'em up. There are lots of game modes and weapons to collect.
Refrigerator Rampage
Try to survive as long as possible by dodging the falling refrigerators.
Saunavihta Yetis
The goal is to help your character reach the black sauna smoke be removing blocks from the screen.
Adventures of the Dude
Guide the dude through the level while collecting orbs and avoiding traps.
Kawai Run
Jump and slide past obstacles in this fun stickman runner.
Exit Path
You are trying to reach the exit to earn your freedom. This won't be easy because of all the deadly traps in your way.
One Step Back
The goal is to reach the exit while avoiding your clones who will move the same way as you.
Stick BMX Madness
This is a pretty fun stickman BMX game. Angle the bike so you won't crash after making a big jump.
Save Me 3
Save the people from the burning building by clicking them at just the right time so they land on the trampoline.
Star Man
Earn combos and increase your score by grabbing the stars as fast as you possibly can.
Stick Basketball
A pretty well made basketball stickman game. There are lots of power ups that will help you beat your opponent.
Revenge of the Stick
The stickman have had enough of your constant abuse and are revolting. Place defenders on the map to survive.
Electricman 2 HS
This is a fun stickman fighting game. Beat the crap out of your opponent to win.
Reverb 2
A topdown game with an interesting story line. This one is definitely worth a shot.
Interactive Buddy
This game is a classic. Torture your "buddy" to earn money and unlock more options.
Ogg the Squirrel Hunter
Throw sticks at squirrels while grabbing the falling food to stay fed.
Playing Field 2
Destroy the stickmen to earn powerups and unluck more stages.
You are trying to reach someone who is calling for help. Use sounds to find your way to them.
Elite Sniper
An interesting stickman sniper game. Make sure you are sniping the right person.
Clear Vision 2
Another sniping game. This one requires you to move fast if you want to complete your mission.
Tactical Assassin
Make sure to read the mission briefing so you don't shoot the wrong person.
Beat people up until you get really pissed off and start glowing. Then, beat up some more people.
Sniper Tower Defender
Kill the invaders from the top of your tower to earn money to buy upgrades with.
Ultimate Assassin 2
Sneak through the level to assassinate your target. Try to avoid being noticed.
Stickman Jumper 3
Earn points by bouncing off the trampolines. Try to avoid the smily in the middle.
Stick Trampoline
Bounce off the trampolines while earning points.
If you don't know what N is then you are failed.
Potty Racers
Ride the porter john down the hill and earn points to unlock upgrades.
Stickicide 3
Earn points by killing the stick figures in different ways.
Escaping Prison
This is a story based game where your are given different options to pick from while trying to escape the prison.
Shoot M
Try to shoot the guy. He is quite wily and won't give in easily. There are lots of upgrades to unlock.
Light People on Fire
Run through the level trying to light people on fire. Watch out for the rain clouds.
Bowman 2
Adjust the angle and power of your arrow to kill your opponent.
Sick Stick Dress Up
Dress up the stickman. It's okay, nobody is watching you play this.
Shopping Cart Hero 2
Push the cart and then ride it down hill to make as much distance as possible.
Light Bot 2
Program the robot with commands to reach the blue square and beat the level.

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